I see art as playing with limits - the limits of possibility, of decency, of beauty, of expectations and of habits. If not it is craft work.

I love the unswerving enthusiasm of financially unprofitable yet wonderfully enriching ensembles - both on a musical and a personal level.

I love to research the connection between good food, good talks and good music.

I enjoy accompanying Tony Rooley on long philosophical wanderings through the world of music, with a nice glass of wine in the hand - even if I get lost half way along.

I envy Sabine Schütz for her vast knowledge of vocal techinque and am glad for her patience with me.

I dream of singing background vocals for Aretha Franklin once in my life.

I like to imagine what it would be like to be a singer today if there were no CD players and no youtube ... would we then go back to be wandering minstrels?

I love to discuss music with people who have ‘no idea’ of music. They listen with the heart and not with the head.

I regret not being able to time travel … I would love to have breakfast with Claudio Monteverdi, Barbara Strozzi, Tarquinio Merula, Giacomo Carissimi and Johann Sebastian Bach.

I admire Evelyn Tubb for her unique vocal colours and the empathy she has for all her students, allowing them to develop their own ways to express the music.

I listen full heartedly, when a director trys to work with my talents and not only force his ‘genious’ ideas over me.