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Not yet sure what to do this summer? Rather one cool week of singing in the mountains than yet another week of  beach, bikini and martini? Then quickly sign up!!!



Jungenten KHeuwieser© Konrad Heuwieser
Lately it seems to me that all the bad news in the world just becomes worse and worse - I sometimes feel completely destroyed by it all.

What simple joy it is on the contrary to be visited - just like that - by ten little ducklings and their proud "Mama" - this morning right in front of my door!



adriansbild© Adrian Rovatkay, photograph: Axel Meintker

I am pleased to announce that the my CD 'Dialoghi a voce sola' has arrived.

We have been inundated with praise and positive comments (see below) and were even nominated for the 'Deutschen Schallplattenpreis' (German Recording Prize), much to the excitement of all concerned.

The picture to the left was drawn by the Berlin based artist and musician, Adrian Rovatkay. He drew this for me as a fantastical illustration of Claudio Merula's "Quando gli uccelli portaranno i zoccoli", which can be heard on the CD.

To produce a CD nowadays, demands a huge amount of financial investment, therefore we are delighted by each and every sale ... so "support the artist" and buy a copy today ... or if you already have one maybe you would even like a second!




I am happy to let you know the 'Dialoghi' CD is currently at the printing press and the predicted release date will be October 17th 2014. So many thoughts and ideas have gone into this project, my first 'self-produced' CD, that I am very much looking forward to the results.
It has become extremely expensive to produce a CD, therefore I would be very grateful to anyone out there who would like to follow the motto 'support an artist' and order a copy directly from my homepage


© Ulrike Hofbauer
i frohnburg klein

As of October, it looks like this building will see more of me, and I will see more of it! I am immensely happy about the invitation to start teaching baroque singing at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg.
(No plans for the winter? Well then: The programme is open to master and postgraduate students.)

At the moment, my head is full to the brim with thoughts and ideas. Among them of course thoughts like:

What have I always wanted to do differently than my own teachers and what would I like to pass on, given the chance? What is important to me as a singer, and as a teacher?

I want to thank the many helping hands that supported me in the hectic weeks before and during the Hearing in so many different ways!

In the picture: the Frohnburg, home of the Institute of Early Music of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg
uh-schloss-beuggen© Randall Cook
A few weeks ago I found the first edit of my new CD in the mail box. And then yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with our wonderful sound engineer Renate Wolter-Seevers – in the Freudenburg in Bassum.

We had a chance to discuss whether we could replace this or that “c“or make a suddenly “vanished“ syllable (“I just ran out of air!“) audible again by using a different take … I cannot wait to see (and hear) the final product!

Do pencil it in: the “Dialoghi a voce sola“ will be released by the label “Raumklang“ by September 2014. They can then be ordered direct from me! („support the artist, buy local“)

I'm happy for every direct order, since as artists we receive only a few cents of those CDs that are sold via the big online stores. And from that we couldn't have financed this CD unfortunately …
uh-recording 001© Randall Cook
Wow, that's a good feeling ...

After weeks of anxious waiting, I wonder if my impressions from the performance for the microphone will be the same as that of listening to the CD? Now I listened for the first time to my “Dialoghi a voce sola“ – recorded at Castle Beuggen in september 2013. And I am relieved …

My first entirely “self-organized“ disc, the programme (dialogues for one voice from 17th century Italy) as well as the choice of musicians (exquisite: Marie Bournisien, arpa doppia, Brigitte Gasser, lirone und Julian Behr, lute), and the financing :-( all totally mine“!